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Arizona Office of Tourism

Short Drive. Long Overdue.

Summer fun and exciting vacations–all just a short drive away. Start planning!

“Let me tell you about the one that got away.”

“It was huge. No, really! I almost had it when I slipped and fell in. Who knew a river in Arizona could be so cold?”

Want to start your Arizona adventure? Explore some ideas for family fun.

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A Breathtaking View For two.

An out-of-the-way place. A little hike. A little downtime. And a memory to last a lifetime. All within driving distance. All in Arizona.

Find your memory to last a lifetime this summer. Explore idea starters for close-to-home sightseeing excursions.

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It’s Time to Unwind.

Arizona is home to a host of luxurious, but decidedly Western, accommodations like historic hotels and boutique resorts in Tucson, as well as spas and other great urban excursions.

Start by exploring some urban escapes.

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Another World. Practically Next Door.

There’s a magical world a short driving distance from your home. Discover it this summer.

Start by viewing the Official State Visitor’s Guide. It will get you going…and show you the wonder of the great state.

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“Sure, it’s a little heart-pounding…”

“…But aren't all adventures? And to think two hours ago, I was at work. But now it's all play.”

Find an adventure that's surprisingly close to home this summer. Start by viewing adventure vacation ideas.

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Water, Water Everywhere…

Arizona has miles and miles of shoreline, rivers and lakes. That means there are ample opportunities for all sorts of water adventures, like kayaking, white water rafting and jet-skiing.

Start your wet and wild summer adventure by checking out some idea starters focusing on Arizona's water wonders.

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